August 1
Alphonso Maria de' Liguori, bishop, Doctor of the Church [MR]
Archadius, bishop (of Bourges) [GTZ: Bourges]
Bandarid, bishop (of Soissons) [GTZ: Soissons]
Bertharius, bishop (of Chartres) [GTZ: Chartres]
Ethelwold, bishop (of Winchester), confessor [common; PRI: England]
Eusebius, bishop (of Vercelli), martyr [GTZ: Genf, Lausanne, France; PCP (Paris)]
Exuperius, bishop (of Bayeux) [GTZ: northern France; PCP (Paris)]
Faith, Hope and Charity, virgins, martyrs [BLS; PCP (Paris)]
Felix, martyr (at Gerona) [GTZ: southern France]
Maccabees, martyrs [common]
Nectarius, bishop (of Vienne) [GTZ: Vienne]
Peregrinus, hermit [BLS]
Peter ("in Chains") [common; PCP (Paris), WTS (Bruges), 6082, in red]
Peter Julian Eymard [BLS]
Sativola, virgin [GTZ: Exeter]
Sophia, widow, and daughters (Faith, Hope, and Charity), martyrs [GTZ: Paris]

August 2
Alban, martyr (protomartyr of England) (Translation) [GTZ: England]
Auspicius, bishop (of Apt), martyr [GTZ: Apt]
Catherine (daughter of Bridget) [GTZ: Scandinavia]
Etheldritha [BLS]
Eusebius, bishop (of Vercelli) [MR]
Gaudentius, bishop (of Chur), martyr [GTZ: Chur]
Stephen, pope, martyr [common; 6082, in red]

August 3
Abidon [6082]
Gamaliel [BLS]
Stephen (Invention) [common; PCP (Paris), 6082, in red]
Nicodemus [BLS; 6082]
Olaf, king, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Norway]
Walthen, abbot (of Melrose) [BLS]

August 4
Baumer, confessor [GTZ: Tulle]
Dominic, confessor [BLS; PRI]
Epiphanius and Isidore, martyrs [GTZ: Besançon]
Euphronius, bishop (of Tours) [GTZ: Tours]
Ionius [PCP (Paris)]
Irenaeus and companions, martyrs (at Lyon) [GTZ: Langres]
Jean-Marie Vianney, priest [MR]
Justus, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [GTZ: Trier, Lyon]
Justinus, priest, martyr (sometimes confessor) [GTZ; HCC]
Luan, abbot [BLS; GTZ: Quimper]
Martin (Translation) [PCP (Paris)]
Nicomedes, bishop, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Peregrinus and companions, martyrs [GTZ: LeMans]
Sigrada, widow [GTZ: Soissons]
Tertullinus, priest, martyr [GTZ: France]
Valentine, bishop (of Passau), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Passau]
Walburga, virgin (Advent) [GTZ: Münster]

August 5
Afra and companions, virgins, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: France]
Afrus, martyr [GTZ: Augsburg (rare)]
Cassianus, bishop (of Autun), confessor [GTZ: France]
Dominic, confessor [GTZ: nowadays Aug 4; PCP (Paris)]
Fredulph, confessor [GTZ: Saintes]
Jonius, priest, martyr [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Mary ("ad nives"); Dedication of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome [common]
Memmius, bishop (of Châlons-sur-Marne), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Metz, France; PCP (Paris), as Menge]
Ormisdas, pope, confessor [GTZ: Bamberg]
Oswald, king, martyr [common; PRI: England]
Sixtus (II), pope [PCP (Paris)]
Venantius, bishop (of Viviers) [GTZ: Viviers]

August 6
Donatus, bishop (of Arezzo), martyr [PCP (Paris)]
Felissimus and Agapitus, martyrs [common]
Justus and Pastor, martyrs (at Complutum) [BLS; GTZ: France]
Sixtus (II), pope, martyr [common]
Walburga, virgin [WTS (Bruges)]

August 7
Transfiguration [HCC]
Afra, virgin, martyr [GTZ]
Cajetan (of Thienna), priest, confessor [common]
Donatus, bishop (of Besançon), martyr [common; GTZ: Besançon (as confessor)]
Euphronius, bishop (of Autun) [GTZ: Autun]
Florinus, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Chur]
Hilarinus, monk, martyr [BLS]
Justin [PCP (Paris)]
Mary (of Egypt) [GTZ: Cologne, Trier]
Sixtus (II), pope, and companions, martyrs (sometimes only confessors) [common]
Victricius, bishop (of Rouen), confessor [GTZ: Rouen]

August 8
Cyriacus and companions (Largus and Smaragdus), martyrs [common]
Dominic, priest [MR]
Felicissimus, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Fourteen Helpers [GTZ: Hildesheim]
Hormisdas, martyr [BLS]
John Felton and Thomas Felton, martyrs [BLS]
Justin [PCP (Paris)]
Mommolus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Bordeaux]
Osonans [PCP (Paris)]
Severus, priest, confessor (at Vienne) [GTZ: Vienne, Lyon]

August 9
Auctor, bishop (of Metz) [GTZ: Metz]
Domitian, bishop (of Châlons-sur-Marne), confessor [GTZ: Châlons-sur-Marne]
Fedlimin, bishop (of Kilmore) [BLS]
Herneus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: LeMans]
Lawrence (Vigil) [common]
Nathy, bishop (of Achonry) [BLS]
Romanus, martyr [common]
Secundianus and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Meaux]

August 10
Arigius, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [GTZ: Lyon]
Blane, bishop (of Ceann-Garadh) [BLS; GTZ: Scotland]
Deusdedit [BLS]
Lawrence, deacon, martyr [common]

August 11
Callistus, pope, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Reims]
Clare, virgin [MR]
Crown of Thorns [PCP (Paris)]
Equitius, abbot [BLS]
Gaugericus, bishop (of Cambrai), confessor (sometimes martyr) [BLS; GTZ: Liège, Magdeburg, Paderborn, Cambrai, Winchester]
Hippolytus, martyr [PCP (Paris)]
Radegundis, virgin (sometimes also queen) [GTZ: Salzburg]
Rusticola, abbess (at Arles), virgin [GTZ: Arles]
Susanna, virgin, martyr [common]
Taurinus, bishop (of Evreux), confessor [GTZ: northern France, England]
Tiburtius (and Chromatius), martyrs [common]

August 12
Andeolus, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Viviers, Lyon]
Clare, virgin [common]
Claudius, martyr [GTZ: Paderborn]
Chrysanthus and Daria, martyrs [GTZ: Toul]
The Crown of Thorns [PCP (Paris)]
Euplus, deacon, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Cologne, Paderborn, Trier; 6082]
Hilaria and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Augsburg]
Macarius, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Langres]
Muredach, bishop (of Killala) [BLS]
Thomas Percy, earl (of Northumberland), martyr [BLS]
Tiburtius, martyr [PCP (Paris)]
Waldetrudis, virgin (Translation) [GTZ: Mons]

August 13
Cassian, bishop (of Seben), martyr [BLS; GTZ: Brixen, Magdeburg, Ratzeburg, Regensburg, Trent; 6082]
Clare [PCP (Paris)]
Hippolytus and companions, martyrs [common]
Junian, abbot [GTZ: Poitiers]
Laudulf, bishop (of Evreux) [GTZ: Evreux]
Pontianus, pope, and Hippolytus, priest, martyrs [MR]
Radegundis, virgin (sometimes also queen) [BLS; GTZ: France; PCP (Paris)]
Simplicianus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Augustinians]
Wigbert, prior, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Mainz]

August 14
Vigil of the Assumption of the Virgin
Eusebius, priest (sometimes bishop), confessor (sometimes martyr) [common]
Eusebius, priest, martyr [BLS; PCP (Paris)]
Felix and Fortunatus, martyrs [GTZ: Aquileia]
Werenfrid, priest, confessor [GTZ: Utrecht]

August 15
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Alipius, bishop [BLS]
Arnulph, bishop (of Soissons) [BLS]
Mac-Cartin (Ard), bishop (of Clogher, Ireland) [BLS]

August 16
Anne, Mother of Mary [GTZ: Münster, Osnabrück]
Armagil, confessor [GTZ: Brittany]
Arnulph, bishop (of Metz, Soissons), confessor [common]
Balsemius, martyr [GTZ: Troyes]
Bernward, bishop (of Hildesheim), (deposition alse he starff) (Translation (vorheving)) [GTZ: Hildesheim]
Brinolph, bishop (of Skara) (Translation) [GTZ: Skara]
Eonius, bishop (of Arles) [GTZ: Arles]
Frambald, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Senlis]
Hyacinth, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Dominicans]
Maurilius, bishop (of Angers), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Angers]
Audomar, bishop (of Thérouanne) [PCP (Paris)]
Roch, confessor [BLS; GTZ]
Stephen (of Hungary) [MR]
Theodore, bishop (of Octodurum), confessor [GTZ: Switzerland]

August 17
Hiero, martyr [GTZ: Utrecht]
Lawrence (Octave) [common]
Liberatus, abbot, and companions, martyrs [BLS]
Mamas, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Metz, France]
Victory of Philippe-le-Bel at Mons-en-Pévèle [PCP (Paris)]

August 18
Agapitus, martyr [common]
Asteriolus, martyr [GTZ: Trier]
Clare (of Montefalco), virgin [BLS]
Helena, queen [common; GTZ: Trier, Cologne, Soissons, Rennes, Coutances, Tartenaise; PRI: England]

August 19
Agnus, martyr [GTZ: Würzburg, with Magnus]
Bardulf, abbot [GTZ: Arles]
Calminius, duke (of Aquitaine), confessor [GTZ: Puy, Tulle]
Cumin, bishop [BLS]
Donatus [of Orléans], priest, confessor (at Sisteron) [GTZ: Aix]
Elaphius, bishop (of Châlons-sur-Marne) [GTZ: Châlons-sur-Marne]
Guennin, bishop (of Vannes) [GTZ: Vannes]
John Eudes, priest [BLS; MR]
Louis, bishop (of Toulouse), confessor [BLS; GTZ]
Magnus, martyr (sometimes confessor, bishop) [GTZ: northern Germany, England, France, Scandinavia; PCP (Paris)]
Mochteus, bishop (of Louth, Ireland) [BLS]
Renatus, bishop (of Angers) (Translation) [GTZ: Angers]
Sebald, confessor [GTZ: Bamberg, Roskild]
Timothy, Agapius, and Thecla, martyrs [BLS]

August 20
Amator, confessor [GTZ: Avranches]
Auctor, bishop (of Trier), confessor [GTZ: Trier, Braunschweig]
Bernard, abbot, confessor, Doctor of the Church [common]
Hadvindus, bishop (of LeMans) [GTZ: LeMans]
Leontius and Carpophorus, martyrs [GTZ: Aquileia]
Malachi, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Cologne]
Maximus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Tours]
Oswin, king, martyr [BLS; GTZ: York; PRI: England]
Philibert, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Trier, France; PCP (Paris); WTS (Bruges), as bishop]
Seronius, confessor [GTZ: Saintes]
Stephen, king (of Hungary), confessor [GTZ]

August 21
Avitus, bishop (of Auvergne) [GTZ: Clermont]
Bernard Ptolemy [BLS]
Bonosus and Maximilian, martyrs [BLS]
Pius (X), pope [MR]
Privatus, bishop (of Mende), martyr [GTZ; PCP (Paris); WTS (Bruges)]
Reginwald, count, confessor [GTZ: Norway]
Richard, bishop (of Andria) [BLS]

August 22
Octave of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Andrew, deacon [BLS]
Hippolytus, Doctor of the Church [BLS]
John Kemble, martyr [BLS]
Mary, "Regina" [MR]
Maurus and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Reims]
Philibert, abbot (of Jumieges and Nermoutier) [BLS]
Richard Kirkman, martyr [BLS]
Symphorianus, martyr [BLS; GTZ; PCP (Paris)]
Timothy, martyr [common]
Veredemus, confessor [GTZ: Uzès]
William Lacy, martyr [BLS]

August 23
Apollinaris Sidonius, bishop (of Clermont) [BLS; GTZ: Clermont]
Archelaus, martyr [GTZ: Augsburg]
Bartholomew (Vigil) [HCC]
Claudius, Asterius, Neon, Domnina, and Theonilla, martyrs [BLS]
Ebba, virgin [GTZ: Scotland]
Eugenius, bishop (of Derry) [BLS]
Flavian, bishop (of Autun) [GTZ: Autun]
Hermogenes and Fortunatus, martyrs [GTZ: Aquileia]
Justinian, hermit, martyr [BLS]
Longinus, martyr [GTZ: Sens]
Minervus and Eleazarus, with their eight children, martyrs [GTZ: Lyon]
Philip Beniti [BLS]
Rose (of Lima), virgin [MR]
Theonas, bishop (of Alexandria) [BLS]
Timothy and Apollinaris, martyrs [GTZ: in Germany, only remarkable for Magdeburg; PCP (Paris); WTS (Bruges), without Apollinaris]
Zaccheus, bishop (of Jerusalem), confessor [GTZ: Teutonic Knights]

August 24
Audoenus, bishop (of Rouen), confessor [GTZ: France, England]
Bartholomew, apostle, martyr [common; 6082, as Vigil]
Irchard, bishop [BLS]
Martyrs of Utica [BLS]
Ouen, bishop [BLS; PCP (Paris)]
Severus, abbot (at Agde) [GTZ: Narbonne]

August 25
Adalbert, bishop (of Prague), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Prague, Lebus]
Aredius, abbot [GTZ: Limoges]
Bartholomew, apostle [6082]
Ebba, virgin [BLS; GTZ: Durham; PRI: England]
Eleutherius, bishop (of Tournai), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Tournai]
Eusebius, Pontianus, Peregrinus and Vincent, martyrs [GTZ: Lyon]
Genesius, martyr (at Rome) [GTZ: Rome; PCP (Paris)]
Genesius, martyr (at Arles) [GTZ: Arles]
Gregory, abbot, bishop (of Utrecht) [BLS; GTZ: Utrecht; HCC]
Gurloesius, abbot [GTZ: Quimper]
Hedwigis, widow, duchess (Translation) [GTZ: Breslau, Krakow, Gnesen, Meissen]
Hilda, virgin [GTZ: York]
Hunegundis, virgin [GTZ: Cambrai]
Joseph (of Calasanz), priest [MR]
Lucius, pope, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Roskild]
Louis (IX), king (of France), confessor [common; GTZ: one or more religious orders, France; PCP (Paris), in red; WTS (Bruges), sometimes as bishop]
Martian, abbot (at Apt) [GTZ: Apt]
Rigomerus, priest [GTZ: Tours]
Thomas, bishop (of Hereford), confessor (Deposition) [GTZ: Hereford]
Turibius and companions, martyrs [GTZ: Paderborn]
Victurius, bishop (of LeMans) [GTZ: LeMans]

August 26
Abundius and Irenaeus, martyrs [GTZ; PCP (Paris)]
Adalbert, bishop (of Prague), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Breslau]
Anastasius, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Aachen, Paderborn, Toul]
Bernard [PCP (Paris)]
Eleutherius, bishop (of Auxerre) [GTZ: Auxerre]
Gelasinus, martyr [BLS]
Gelasius (and Justin), bishops (of Poitiers) [GTZ: Poitiers]
Genesius, martyr [BLS]
Genisius (of Arles), martyr [BLS]
Habundus and Hiereneus, martyrs [GTZ; WTS (Bruges)]
Hedwigis, widow, duchess (Translation) [GTZ: Lebus]
Secundus and Alexander (and Abundus), martyrs [GTZ: Magdeburg, Ratzeburg, Lausanne, Aix]
Severinus, pope [GTZ: Augustinians, Franciscans]
Zephyrin, pope, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Augustinians, Franciscans; PRI]

August 27
Bernard, abbot [WTS (Bruges)]
Cesarius, bishop (of Arles), confessor [BLS; GTZ: southern France]
Carponius, martyr [6082]
Ebbo, bishop (of Sens) [GTZ: Sens]
Felix, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Fréjus]
Gebhard, bishop (of Constance) [GTZ: Constance, Switzerland]
George and Aurelius, martyrs [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Hermagoras and Fortunatus, martyrs (Translation) [GTZ: Aquileia]
Hugh (of Lincoln), martyr [BLS]
Licerius, bishop (of Conserans) [GTZ: Saint Lizier]
Malrubbus, abbot, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Scotland]
Monica [MR]
Poemen (Pastor), abbot [BLS]
Rufus, bishop (of Metz), martyr [common]
Syagrius, bishop (of Autun), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Autun]
Sulpitius, bishop (of Bourges), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Bourges]
Vivianus, bishop (of Saintes), confessor [GTZ: Saintes]

August 28
Augustine, bishop, confessor, Doctor of the Church [common; 6082, in red]
Clarus, confessor [GTZ: Poitiers]
Hermes, martyr [common; GTZ: sometimes moved to Aug 27]
Julian, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Strassburg, Metz, France; PCP (Paris)]
Pelagius, martyr [GTZ: Constance, Switzerland]
Secundus and Alexander (and Abundus), martyrs [GTZ: Bremen]

August 29
Adelphius, bishop (of Metz), confessor [GTZ: Metz, Strassburg]
John the Baptist, martyr (Beheading) [common; HCC, PCP (Paris), WTS (Bruges), 6082, in red]
Medericus, abbot (at Paris) [BLS; GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris), as Merry]
Sabina, virgin, martyr [common]
Sebbi (Sebba), monk [BLS]

August 30
Agilus, abbot [BLS; GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Donatian, bishop (of Reims), confessor (Translation) [GTZ, WTS: Bruges]
Felix and Adauctus, martyrs [common]
Fiacre, confessor (at Meaux) [BLS; GTZ: Metz, Utrecht, Scotland, France; PCP (Paris)]
Guthlac, hermit, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: England]
Heribert, bishop (of Cologne), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Cologne]
Pammarchius [BLS]
Rumonus, bishop [GTZ: Exeter]

August 31
Aedhan, bishop, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Scotland; PRI: England]
Cuthburga, virgin [BLS; GTZ: England]
Ebregisil, bishop (of Meaux) [GTZ: Meaux]
Felix and Adauctus [PRI]
Isabel [BLS]
Justus and Clement, bishops, confessors [GTZ: Magdeburg, Ratzeburg]
Lazarus, bishop (of Marseilles), martyr (sometimes confessor) [GTZ: Brixen, Apt]
Optatus, bishop (of Auxerre), confessor [GTZ: Auxerre]
Paulinus, bishop (of Trier), martyr (sometimes confessor) [GTZ: Bremen, Cologne, Trier, Gnesen, Prague, France; HCC; PCP (Paris)]
Raymond Nonnatus, cardinal [BLS]
Sunniva and companions, virgins (Translation) [GTZ: Norway]

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