February 1
Bridget, virgin, abbess, martyr [BLS: Ireland; HCC; PCP (Paris); PRI: England]
Carterius, priest, confessor [GTZ: Bourges]
Eubertus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Lille]
Ignatius, bishop (of Antioch), martyr [common; GTZ: Cologne, Magdeburg, Mainz, Prague, Basel, Scandinavia, France]
Kinnea (of Ireland) [BLS]
Paul, bishop (of Trois-Châteaux) [GTZ: Arles]
Pionius, priest, martyr [BLS]
Severus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Mainz, Rouen (Obitus)]
Sigebert, king (of Austrasia) [BLS]
Sorus, hermit, confessor [GTZ: southern France]

February 2
Purification of the Virgin (Candlemass)
Presentation of Christ
Lawrence, bishop (of Canterbury) [BLS; PRI: England]

February 3
Anatolius, bishop (of Salinis), confessor [GTZ: Besançon]
Anscharius, bishop (of Hamburg and Bremen) [common; GTZ: Bremen, Sleswig]
Blasius, bishop (of Sebaste), martyr (sometimes only confessor) [common]
Hadelinus, confessor [GTZ: Liège]
John Nelson, martyr [BLS]
Lupicinus, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [GTZ: Lyon]
Margaret (of England) [BLS]
Waldetrudis, virgin [GTZ: Liège, Cambrai]
Wendelin, confessor [GTZ: Meissen]
Wereburghe, abbess [BLS: Chester; PRI: England]

February 4
Andrew Corsini, bishop (of Fiesoli), confessor [BLS]
Anscharius, bishop [GTZ: Scandinavia (usually)]
Aventinus, priest, confessor [GTZ: Troyes]
Casaria, virgin [GTZ: Breslau]
Castor, priest, confessor [GTZ: Cologne]
Flosculus, bishop (of Orléans) [GTZ: Orléans]
Geminianus (Germanus), martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Gilbert, abbot, confessor [BLS; GTZ: one or more religious orders, York; PRI: England]
Isidore (of Pelusium), priest [BLS]
Joan (of Valois), queen (of France) [BLS]
Joseph (of Leonissa), friar [BLS]
Lidorius, bishop (of Tours) (Translation) [GTZ: Tours]
Lifard, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Cambrai]
Modan, abbot, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Scotland]
Neophyta, virgin [GTZ: Worms]
Papia and Maurus, martyrs [GTZ: Cologne]
Phileas, bishop (of Thmuis), and Philoromus, tribune, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Trier]
Rembert, bishop (of Bremen), confessor (Translation) [BLS; GTZ: Bremen]

February 5
Abraham, bishop (of Arbela) [common]
Agatha, virgin, martyr [common; 6082, in red]
Adelheidis, abbess (of Our Lady in Cologne) [BLS]
Avitus, bishop (of Vienne), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Vienne]
Ingenuinus and Albuinus, bishops [GTZ]
Martyrs in Pontus [BLS]
Vitus, bishop (of Vienne), confessor [GTZ: Genf]
Vodoald, priest, confessor [GTZ: Soissons]

February 6
Amandus and Vedast, bishops, confessors [common; GTZ: northern Germany, Scandinavia, England and one or more religious orders (Deposition); WTS (Bruges), in red]
Antolianus, martyr [GTZ: Clermont]
Barsanuphius, anchoret [BLS]
Brinolph, bishop (of Skara) [GTZ: Skara]
Dorothy, virgin, martyr [common]
John Sales and William Saultmouche, martyrs [BLS]
Paul Miki, priest, and companions, martyrs [MR]

February 7
Amandus and Vedast, bishops, confessors (Deposition) (GTZ: more commonly on Feb 6)
Augulus, bishop, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Trier]
Austreberta, virgin [6082]
Chrysolius, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Bruges]
Helena, queen [GTZ: Reims, Rouen, Sens, Langres, Angers]
Herenus and Zoticus, martyrs [WTS (Bruges)]
Mathilda, virgin [GTZ: Augsburg]
Richard, king, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Eichstädt; PRI: England]
Romuald, abbot, confessor [BLS]
Theodorus (of Heraclea), martyr [BLS; PCP (Paris)]
Thomas Sherwood, martyr [BLS]
Tresain [BLS: Avenay (Champagne)]

February 8
Cuthman [BLS]
Guillermus (Guilleonus), bishop, confessor [WTS (Bruges)]
Helen, virgin [HCC]
Helena, queen [GTZ: Bamberg, Basel, Bremen, Gnesen, Kammin, Magdeburg, Mainz, Minden, Utrecht, Gran, Luçon, Oléron]
Jerome Emiliani, confessor [MR]
John (of Matha) [BLS]
Julian, martyr [GTZ: Gran, Agram]
Nicetius, bishop (of Besançon), confessor [GTZ: Besançon]
Paul, bishop (of Verdun), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Trier]
Stephen (of Grandmont) [BLS]

February 9
Alto, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Freising]
Ansbert, bishop (of Rouen), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Paris, Reims, Rouen]
Apollonia, virgin, martyr [common]
Attracta [BLS]
Erhard [BLS]
Furseus, bishop (sometimes abbot), confessor [GTZ: Strassburg, Poitiers]
Nicephorus, martyr [BLS]
Savin, bishop, confessor [6082, in red]
Simeon, bishop (of Jerusalem), martyr [GTZ: Abo]
Theliau, bishop [BLS]

February 10
Austreberta, virgin [GTZ: Rouen]
Erlulph, martyr [BLS]
Protadius, bishop (of Besançon) [GTZ: Besançon]
Scholastica, virgin [common; 6082, in red]
Sotheris, virgin, martyr [BLS; GTZ]
William (of Maleval), hermit, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Wilhelmiten]
Zoticus and companions (Ireneus, Hyacinthus and Amantius), martyrs (zum Datieren nicht benutz) [GTZ]

February 11
Desiderius, bishop (of Vienne, Auvergne), martyr (confessor, at Lyon) [GTZ]
Domitian, confessor [WTS (Bruges)]
Eufrasia, virgin [GTZ: Meaux, Châlons-sur-Marne]
Fritheswida, virgin (Translation) [GTZ: Salisbury]
Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes [MR]
Salomon, king (Translation) [PCP (Paris)]
Saturninus, Dativus, and companions, martyrs [BLS]
Seven Founders of the Servite Order [BLS]
Severinus, abbot (of St. Maurice Agaunum) [BLS; GTZ: Sens, Lausanne, LeMans, Aix (as bishop, martyr)]
Simplicius, bishop (of Vienne), confessor [GTZ: Chur, Trier]
Theodora, empress [BLS]

February 12
Anthony Cauleas, bishop (of Constantinople) [BLS]
Benedict (of Anian), abbot [BLS]
Dorothy, virgin [HCC]
Eulalia, virgin, martyr (at Barcelona) [GTZ: less common in Germany; PCP (Paris)]
Felix, bishop (of Metz), confessor [GTZ: Metz, Magdeburg, Brandenburg, Kammin]
James Fenn, John Nutter, George Haydock, John Mundyn, and Thomas Hemerford, priests, martyrs [BLS]
Julian [PCP (Paris)]
Meletius, bishop (of Antioch), martyr [BLS]
Victor, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]

February 13
Castor, priest, confessor [GTZ: Trier]
Catherine de Ricci [BLS]
Desiderius, bishop (of Vienne) [PCP (Paris)]
Domninus, bishop (of Digne) [GTZ: Digne]
Eormenhildis, virgin [GTZ: Winchester; PRI: England]
Fulcrann, bishop (of Lodève), confessor [GTZ: Albi, Narbonne]
Fusca, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Aquileia]
Gislebertus, bishop (of Meaux) [GTZ: Meaux]
Gregory (II), pope [BLS]
Guimerus, bishop (of Carcassonne) [GTZ: Carcassonne]
Julian, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Kentigern [BLS]
Licinius, bishop (of Angers) [BLS; GTZ: northern France]
Martinianus, hermit (at Athens) [BLS]
Modomnoc (of Ossory) [BLS]
Polyeuctus, martyr [BLS]
Roger, abbot [BLS]
Stephen, abbot [BLS]
Stephen, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [GTZ: Lyon, Sitten]

February 14
Abraham, bishop (of Carrhae) [BLS]
Auxentius, hermit [BLS]
Conran, bishop (of Orkney) [BLS]
Cyril, monk, and Methodius, bishop [MR]
Gilbert (of Sempringham) [BLS]
Maro, abbot [BLS]
Thomas Plumtree, Luke Kirby, Richard Kirkman, and Richard Thirkill, priests, martyrs [BLS]
Valentine, priest (sometimes bishop), martyr (sometimes only confessor) [common; 6082, as two saints Valentine]
Vitalis and companions (Zeno and Felicola), martyrs [GTZ: als Genossen des Valentine, zum Datieren nicht verwendet]

February 15
Anthony (of Padua), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Franciscans]
Aquilinus, bishop (of Evreux), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Evreux]
Austregisil, bishop (of Bourges), confessor (Ordination) [GTZ: Bourges]
Ebbo, bishop (of Sens) (Translation) [GTZ: Sens]
Faustina, virgin [HCC]
Faustinus and Jovita, martyrs [common; GTZ: Aquileia, Brixen, Sitten, Troyes; 6082, in red]
Guibertus, abbot [WTS (Bruges)]
Leopold, marquis, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Passau]
Lucius, martyr [PCP (Paris), as Lucien]
Quinidus, bishop (of Vaison), confessor [GTZ: Aix, Arles]
Severus, confessor (at Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Sigfrid, bishop, confessor (sometimes martyr), Apostle of Sweden [BLS; GTZ: Scandinavia]

February 16
Elias, Jeremy, Isaias, Samual and Daniel, martyrs [BLS]
Gregory (X), pope, confessor [BLS]
Honestus, priest, martyr [GTZ: Amiens; BLS: Netherlands]
Juliana, virgin, martyr [common]
Onesimus, bishop, martyr, [BLS; GTZ: France]
Simeon, bishop (of Metz) [GTZ: Metz]
Tanco, bishop, martyr [BLS]

February 17
Flight into Egypt
Bonosus, bishop (of Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Chrysantianus, martyr [GTZ: Aquileia]
Donatus, martyr [PCP (Paris)]
Finnian, monk [BLS: Scotland]
Fintan, abbot (of Chuainednech) [BLS]
Firmanus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]
Flavian, bishop (of Constantinople), martyr [BLS]
Loman, bishop (of Trim, Meath) [BLS]
Pancratius (Pancronius), bishop, confessor [WTS (Bruges)]
Polychronius, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Gnesen]
Pulchronius, bishop (of Verdun) [GTZ: Verdun]
Seven Founders of the Servite Order [MR]
Silvinus (of Auchy), bishop (of region near Thérouanne), confessor [BLS; GTZ: northern France]
Theodulas and Julian, martyrs [BLS]

February 18
Apollinaris, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Colmann, bishop, confessor [BLS: Ireland; GTZ: Scotland]
Concordia, virgin [GTZ: Ratzeburg]
Leguntius, bishop (of Metz) [GTZ: Metz]
Leo and Paregorius, martyrs [BLS]
Simeon, bishop (of Jerusalem), martyr [common; GTZ: Bremen, Cologne, Mainz, Trier, one or more religious orders, northern France]

February 19
Barbatus, bishop (of Benevento), confessor [common; 6082, in red]
Gabinus, priest, martyr [BLS; HCC]
Gall, abbot [WTS (Bruges)]
George, bishop (of Lodavia) [BLS]
Leguntius, bishop (of Trier) [GTZ: Trier, Chur]
Mansuetis, bishop (of Milan) [BLS]
Susanna [PCP (Paris)]

February 20
Chlodoald, priest, confessor [PCP (Paris)]
Eleutherius, bishop (of Tournai), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Tournai]
Eucharius, bishop (of Orléans), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Liège; HCC]
Mildred, abbess [BLS; PRI: England]
Sadoth, bishop (of Seleucia), Ctesiphon, and companions, martyrs [BLS]
Tyrannio, bishop (of Tyre), Zenobius, and companions, martyrs [BLS]
Ulrick [BLS]

February 21
Daniel, priest, and Verda, virgin, martyrs [BLS]
German, abbot (of Granfel), (and Randoald), martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Switzerland]
Marcellus, martyr (sometimes only confessor) [WTS (Bruges)]
Margaret (of Cortona), penitent [BLS: England]
Pepin (of Landen) [BLS]
Peter Damian, bishop, Doctor of the Church [MR]
Peter's Chair [PCP (Paris)]
Severianus, bishop (of Scythopolis), martyr [BLS]
Victorinus [PCP (Paris), as Victor]

February 22
St. Peter's Chair at Antioch
Baradat [BLS]
Margaret (of Cortona), penitent [BLS]
Thelassius and Limneus [BLS]

February 23
Boisil, prior (of Melross) [BLS]
Celsus, confessor (at Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Dositheus, monk [BLS]
Matthias (Vigil) [HCC]
Milburga, virgin [BLS; GTZ: England; PRI: England]
Oswald, bishop (of Worcester) [GTZ: England]
Peter Damian, bishop (of Ostia), cardinal [BLS]
Polycarp, bishop, martyr [MR]
Polycarp, priest, confessor [GTZ: France]
Serenus, martyr [BLS]
Sinerius, martyr [GTZ: Clermont]

February Leap Day
Leap Day: Matthias, apostle [common]

February 24
Ethelbert, king, confessor [BLS; PRI: England]
Gerard, bishop (of Csanad), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Hungary]
John the Baptist (Invention of his head) [GTZ: Verdun]
Lethard, bishop (of Senlis) [BLS]
Matthias, apostle [common; GTZ: celebrated on Leap Day in a leap year]
Montanus, Lucius, Flavian, Julian, Victoricus, Primolus, Rhenus, and Donatian, martyrs [BLS]
Praetextatus, bishop (of Rouen), martyr [BLS]
Robert (of Arbrissel) [BLS]

February 25
Aldetrud, virgin, abbess [GTZ: Liège]
Caesarius [BLS]
Donatus, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Guinefortus, abbot [GTZ: Bourges]
Mauritius (knight) and companions, martyrs (Advent) [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Tarasius, bishop (of Constantinople), confessor [BLS]
Veranus, bishop (of Cavaillon) [PCP (Paris)]
Victorinus and companions, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Switzerland, Worms, Gran, Agram; PCP (Paris), as Verain]
Victor, priest, confessor [GTZ: Troyes]
Walburga, virgin, abbess [BLS; GTZ: Salzburg, Genf, nur hier beachtlich]

February 26
Agricola, bishop (of Nevers), confessor [GTZ: Sens]
Alexander, bishop (of Alexandria), confessor [common]
Dionysius (I), bishop (of Augsburg), martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Augsburg]
Ethelbert, king, confessor [BLS]
Fortunatus, bishop, martyr [GTZ; WTS (Bruges)]
Justus and Pastor, martyrs (at Complutum) (Translation) [GTZ: Narbonne]
Porphyrius, bishop (of Gaza) [BLS]
Veronica [PCP (Paris)]
Victor (of Arcis), anchoret [BLS]

February 27
Alnoth, anchoret [BLS]
Alexander, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Baldomer, confessor [GTZ: Lyon]
Galmier [BLS]
Honorina, virgin, martyr [PCP (Paris); GTZ: Paris, Rouen]
Julian, Chronion, and Besas, martyrs [BLS]
Leander, bishop (of Seville), confessor [common]
Nestor, bishop, martyr [BLS]
Petronius, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Gnesen]
Thalilaeus [BLS]

February 28
Justus, martyr [PCP (Paris)]
Martyrs of Alexandria [BLS]
Oswald, bishop [PRI: England]
Pinnosa, virgin [GTZ: Breslau]
Proterius, bishop (of Alexandria), martyr [BLS]
Romanus and Lupicinus, abbots, confessors [common; HCC, 6082, without Lupicinus]

February 29
Oswald, bishop (of Worcester and York) [BLS]

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