May 1
Achius and Acheolus, martyrs [BLS]
Africanus, bishop (in Aquit.) [GTZ: Albi]
Amator, bishop (of Auxerre), confessor [GTZ: France; PCP (Paris)]
Andeolus, martyr [BLS; GTZ: southern France]
Arigius, bishop (of Gap), confessor [GTZ: Gap]
Asaph, bishop, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Scotland]
Benignus, martyr [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Bertha, wife of Gondebert, queen [GTZ: Reims]
Brioc, bishop, confessor [BLS; GTZ]
Firminus, bishop (of Uzès), confessor (Revelation) [GTZ: Uzès]
Joseph "Opifex" [MR]
Macarius, bishop (of Comminges) [GTZ: Bordeaux]
Marculf, abbot, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Coutances]
Orientius, bishop (of Auch), confessor [GTZ: Auch]
Philip and James (the Less), apostles [common]
Quiriacus, bishop (of Jerusalem), martyr [GTZ: Troyes only]
Restituta, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Soissons]
Richard Reynolds, martyr [BLS]
Sigismund, king (of Burgundy), martyr [BLS; GTZ: Switzerland (elsewhere moved to May 2)]
Walburga, virgin [GTZ; PRI: England]

May 2
Achius and Acheolus, martyrs [GTZ: Amiens]
Alpinus, bishop (of Châlons-sur-Marne) (Translation) [GTZ: Châlons-sur-Marne]
Athanasius, bishop (of Alexandria), confessor, Doctor of the Church [common; PCP (Paris), as Anastasius]
Bertrand, bishop (of Comminges), confessor (Revelation) [GTZ: Comminges]
Cassius and Florentius (and Malusius), martyrs (Translation) [GTZ: Cologne]
Clement, bishop (of Metz), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Metz]
Elisabeth, widow (Translation, Elevation) [GTZ]
Florentius, confessor [GTZ: St. Pol de Léon]
Gatian, bishop (of Tours), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Tours]
Germanus, bishop, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Quintinus, martyr (Elevation) [GTZ: Noyon]
Sicarius, martyr [GTZ: Périgueux]
Walbert, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Mainz, Basel]

May 3
Invention of the Cross
Alexander, Eventius, and Theodolus, martyrs [common]
Genius, confessor [GTZ: Lectoure]
Juvenalis, martyr [GTZ: Metz, France; PCP (Paris)]
Philip and James, apostles [MR]

May 4
Anthony, abbot (at Tours) [GTZ: Tours]
Candidus and Malulfus, bishops (of Senlis) [GTZ: Senlis]
Corcodemus, deacon [GTZ: Auxerre]
Florian, martyr [GTZ]
Godehard, bishop (of Hildesheim), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Bamberg, Meissen, Prague, Utrecht, Verdun, Worms, Hildesheim (Translation)]
Guido, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Speyer, Worms]
Helena, virgin (at Troyes) [GTZ: Troyes, Auxerre]
John Fisher, Thomas More, and companions, martyrs [BLS]
Monica, widow [BLS; GTZ: Augustinians; PRI]
Possessor and Firminus, bishops (of Verdun) (Translation) [GTZ: Verdun]
Pulchronius, bishop (of Verdun) (Translation) [GTZ: Verdun]
Quiriacus, bishop (of Jerusalem), martyr [GTZ: Teutonic Knights, France; PCP (Paris)]
Richard Reynolds, friar, martyr [BLS]
Salvianus, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Amiens]
Waldrada, abbess, virgin [GTZ: Verdun]
Walburga, virgin [WTS (Bruges)]

May 5
Aldelmus, bishop (of Sherbourne), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: London]
Angelus, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Carmelites]
Audoenus, bishop (of Rouen), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Rouen]
Augustine, bishop, confessor (sometimes martyr) (Conversion) [GTZ: Augustinians]
Avertin [BLS]
Britonius, bishop (of Trier), confessor [GTZ: Trier]
Clarus, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Fréjus]
Fortunatus, bishop (of Poitiers) [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Godehard, bishop (of Hildesheim), confessor [GTZ]
Gengulf, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Hilary, bishop (of Arles), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Arles]
Jovinianus, martyr (at Auxerre) [GTZ: Auxerre]
Maurontus, abbot [BLS; GTZ: Cambrai]
Nicetius, bishop (of Trier), confessor [GTZ: Toul, Verdun]
Pius (V), pope, confessor [BLS]
Sacerdos, bishop (of Limoges) [GTZ: Limoges]

May 6
Eadbert, bishop (of Lindisfarne) [BLS; PRI: England]
John, apostle, evangelist ("a Porta Latina") [common; PCP (Paris), 6082, in red; WTS (Bruges), sometimes in red]
John Damascene [BLS]
Matthew, apostle, evangelist (Translation) [6082, in red]
Melorus, martyr [GTZ: Meaux]
Valerius and Valerianus, bishops (of Auxerre) [GTZ: Auxerre]

May 7
Benedict (II), pope [BLS]
Domitian, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Liège]
Domitilla, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Chur, Sens]
Domnius, bishop (of Salona), martyr [GTZ]
Florentinus and Hilarius, martyrs (at Autun) (Translation) [GTZ: Paris]
Juvenal, confessor [HCC; as martyr; WTS (Bruges)]
John of Beverly, bishop (of York), confessor [BLS; GTZ: England, Norway; PRI: England]
Juvenalis, martyr [GTZ;HCC]
Mastidia, virgin (at Troyes) [GTZ: Troyes]
Nazarius and Celsus, martyrs (Translation) [GTZ: Narbonne]
Peter Martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Dominicans]
Serenicus, deacon (at Séez), confessor [GTZ: Séez]
Silvanus, bishop (of Gaza), martyr [PCP (Paris)]
Stanislas, bishop (of Krakow), martyr [BLS]
Stephen, protomartyr (Translation) [GTZ: Metz, Passau]
William, bishop (of Bourges), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Bourges]

May 8
Beatus [PCP (Paris)]
Casaria, virgin [GTZ: Fritzlar]
Desideratus, bishop (of Bourges) [GTZ: Bourges]
Fuscian, Victoricus and Gentian, martyrs (Translation of Gentian) [GTZ: Amiens]
Gibrian, priest, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Reims]
Helladius, bishop (of Auxerre) [GTZ: Auxerre]
John (the Theologian), apostle, evangelist [GTZ: Russia]
Louis, king, confessor (Translation of his head) [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Martin, confessor [GTZ: Sens]
Metronus, confessor [GTZ: Italy]
Michael, the archangel (Apparition on Monte Gargano) [common; 6082, in red]
Nicholas, bishop (Translation) [WTS (Bruges)]
Odrian, bishop (of Waterford) [BLS: Waterford]
Peter, bishop (of Tarentaise), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Genf, Cistercians]
Simon, a boy, martyr [GTZ: (modern usage)]
Stanislas, bishop, martyr [GTZ]
Victor, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Switzerland, southern Germany; 6082]
Wiro, bishop, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Utrecht; HCC]

May 9
Andrew, apostle (Translation) [BLS: Scotland]
Beatus, confessor [GTZ: Constance, Chartres]
Brynoth, bishop (of Scara, Sweden) [BLS]
Gengulf, martyr [GTZ: Utrecht; HCC]
Gerontius, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Magdeburg, Ratzeburg]
Gordian, martyr [WTS (Bruges), sometimes in red]
Gregory (of Nazianzus), bishop, confessor, Doctor of the Church [BLS; GTZ: one or more religious orders]
Hermas [BLS]
Luke, evangelist (Translation) [GTZ: Bayeux]
Macarius, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Worms]
Nicholas (of Myra), bishop, confessor (Translation) [common; PCP (Paris), in red]
Nicholas, bishop (of Lincopen, Sweden) [BLS]
Stephen, protomartyr (Advent) [GTZ: Halberstadt]
Suitbert, bishop (of Verdun), confessor (Advent) [GTZ: Verdun]
Timothy, apostle, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Bayeux]
Thomas Pickering, martyr [BLS]

May 10
Antoninus, friar [BLS]
Bede (the Venerable), priest, confessor, Father of the Church [GTZ: England]
Catuldus, monk, bishop (of Taranto) [BLS]
Concessa, virgin [GTZ: Tarbes]
Comgall, abbot, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Scotland]
Gordian and Epimachus, martyrs [common]
Isidore (of Madrid) [BLS: Madrid]
Lawrence, bishop (of Dublin), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Rouen]
Lupus, bishop (of Troyes), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Troyes]
Mamertus, bishop [PCP (Paris); WTS (Bruges)]
Maturinus, priest, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: central France; PCP (Paris)]
Palladius, bishop (of Bourges) [GTZ: Bourges]
Quartus and Quintus, martyrs [GTZ: Augsburg]
Sinerius, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Clermont]
Sophia, widow, and daughters (Faith, Hope, and Charity), martyrs [GTZ: Strassburg]

May 11
Gengulf, martyr [GTZ: Basel, Metz, Strassburg, France; PCP (Paris), as Gendulph]
John Rochester, James Walworth, and companions, martyrs [BLS]
Majolus, abbot (of Cluny), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Cluniacs, France; PCP (Paris)]
Mamertus, bishop (of Vienne), confessor [common]
Nereus and Achilleus, martyrs [WTS (Bruges)]
Pontius, bishop (of Cimiez), martyr [GTZ: southern France]
Rufus and Agatimber, bishops (of Metz) [GTZ: Metz]
Walter, abbot [GTZ: Limoges]

May 12
Epiphanius, bishop (of Salamis) [BLS]
Flavia Domitilla, martyr [BLS]
Germanus, bishop (of Constantinople) [BLS]
John Stone, martyr [BLS]
Martin, bishop (of Tours), confessor (Subvention) [GTZ: Tours]
Mary "ad Martires", martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Modoald, bishop (of Trier), martyr [GTZ: Trier, Ermld.]
Nereus and Achilleus, martyrs [common]
Onesimus, bishop (of Soissons) [GTZ: Soissons]
Pancratius, confessor (sometimes martyr) [common; HCC, in red]
Rictrudes, abbess [BLS]

May 13
Boniface, martyr [PCP (Paris)]
Gengulf, martyr [GTZ]
Hugh, abbot (of Cluny), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Cluniacs]
Ingenuinus and Albuinus, bishops (Translation) [GTZ: Brixen]
John (the Silent), bishop, confessor [BLS]
Karadocus, priest [GTZ: Brittany]
Marcellianus, bishop (of Auxerre) [GTZ: Auxerre]
Peter Regalati, friar [BLS]
Robert Bellarmine [BLS]
Servatius, bishop, confessor (sometimes martyr) [common; HCC, in red]
Walburga [BLS]

May 14
Aquillus (Aquillinus), bishop [WTS (Bruges)]
Audoenus, bishop (of Rouen) [PCP (Paris)]
Boniface, martyr [common; GTZ: Speyer, Basel, Constance, one or more religious orders, southern France]
Carthagh (the Younger, of Mochuda), bishop (of Kier-raigh) [BLS]
Gengulf, martyr [GTZ: Würzburg]
Matthew, apostle [MR]
Michael Garicoits [BLS]
Pachomius, abbot, confessor [BLS; GTZ: France]
Pontius, martyr [BLS]
Victor and Corona, martyrs [GTZ: Bremen, Metz, France]

May 15
Brendan, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Coutances]
Dympna, virgin, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Cambrai]
Genebrard, priest, martyr [BLS]
Halvard, martyr [GTZ: Norway]
Isidore, martyr [HCC; WTS (Bruges); PCP (Paris)]
Moderannus, bishop (of Rennes) (Translation) [GTZ: Rennes]
Odorius, martyr [GTZ: Amiens]
Mary, Our Lady of Grace [BLS: England]
Peter, Andrew, and companions, martyrs [BLS]
Sophia, virgin, martyr [GTZ]
Wigbert, prior, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Fritzlar]

May 16
Abda and Abdjesus, bishops (of Kaskhar), martyrs [BLS]
Alnobert, bishop (of Séez) [GTZ: Séez]
Brendan (the Elder), abbot [BLS; PRI: England]
Brendan, abbot, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Switzerland, Scotland]
Cassius and Victorinus, martyrs [GTZ: Clermont]
Emanus, martyr [GTZ: Chartres]
Fidolus, abbot (at Troyes), confessor [GTZ: Troyes]
Francoveus, monk [GTZ: Nevers]
Germerius, bishop (of Toulouse) [GTZ: Toulouse]
Honoratus, bishop (of Amiens), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Amiens, Paris; PCP (Paris)]
John Nepomucen, martyr [BLS]
Maxima, virgin [GTZ: Fréjus]
Peregrinus, bishop (of Auxerre), martyr [GTZ: Hildesheim, northern France; HCC]
Ragnobert, bishop (of Bayeux) [GTZ: Bayeux]
Simon Stock [BLS]
Terentius, bishop (of Metz) (Translation) [GTZ: Metz]
Theobald, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Ratzeburg]
Ubaldo (Baldassini), bishop (of Gubbio) [BLS; GTZ: Brixen]

May 17
Aigulf, abbot and companions, martyrs (Translation) [GTZ: Grasse]
Ambrose [PCP (Paris)]
Bernardinus, priest, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Franciscans]
Brandan, martyr (sometimes bishop, confessor) [WTS (Bruges)]
Cathan, bishop [BLS]
Maden [BLS: Brittany, Cornwall]
Maw [BLS]
Paschal Baylon, confessor [BLS]
Possidius, bishop [BLS]
Sillan, bishop [BLS]

May 18
Elfgive, king [GTZ: Winchester]
Eric, king (of Sweden), martyr [BLS; GTZ: Scandinavia]
Felix, martyr [PCP (Paris)]
John (I), pope, martyr [MR]
Geremar, abbot, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Beauvais]
Potamon, bishop (of Heraclea, Egypt), martyr [BLS]
Theodatus and Seven Virgins, martyrs [BLS]
Torpetis, virgin, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Venantius, martyr [BLS]

May 19
Calogerus and Parthenius, martyrs [GTZ: Châlons-sur-Marne]
Celestine, pope, confessor (Peter de Morono) [BLS; GTZ: Celestines; PCP (Paris)]
Dunstan, bishop (of Canturbury), confessor [BLS; GTZ: England; PRI: England]
Ivo, priest (at Tréguier), confessor [GTZ; PCP (Paris)]
Patricius, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Russia]
Peter, bishop (of Tournai), confessor [GTZ: Tournai]
Pudentiana, virgin, martyr [common]

May 20
Anna Maria Taigi [BLS]
Austregisil, bishop (of Bourges), confessor [GTZ: France]
Basilla, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Utrecht, Chur]
Baudelius, martyr (at Nîmes) [GTZ: southern France]
Bernardino (of Siena), confessor [common]
Ethelbert, king (of the Angles), martyr [BLS; GTZ: England]
Eustasius, martyr [6082]
Ivo, bishop (of Chartres) [BLS]
Maximus [PCP (Paris)]
Protasia, virgin, martyr (at Senlis) [GTZ: Senlis]
Saturnina, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Paderborn]

May 21
Ausonius, bishop (of Angoulême), martyr [GTZ: Angoulême]
Austregesilus, bishop (of Bourges) [PCP (Paris), as Vandrille]
Felix (of Cantalicio) [BLS]
Godrick, hermit [BLS; GTZ: Durham; PRI]
Helena, queen [WTS (Bruges)]
Helena, virgin (at Auxerre) [GTZ: Soissons]
Hospitius (Sospis), recluse [BLS]
Itisberga, virgin [GTZ: Artois]
Valens, martyr [GTZ: Augsburg, Krakow]
Valerius, bishop [HCC]
Vales, priest (at Auxerre) [GTZ: Sens]

May 22
Aubert [PCP (Paris)]
Basiliscus, martyr [BLS]
Bobo [BLS]
Castus and Aemilius, martyrs [BLS]
Conall, abbot [BLS: County Tyrconnel]
Helena, queen [GTZ: Aquileia, Constance, Krakow, Passau, Prague, Agram]
Helena, virgin (at Auxerre) [GTZ: Auxerre, Tours]
Ivo, priest (at Tréguier), confessor [BLS]
John Forest, martyr [BLS]
Lupus, bishop (of Limoges) [GTZ: Limoges]
Papia, virgin [WTS (Bruges)]
Quiteria, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Worms, southern France]
Rita, widow [BLS]
Romanus, abbot (of Nevers) [GTZ: Sens]
Ronanus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]

May 23
Translation of Christ [WTS (Bruges)]
Aemilius (and Castus) [PCP (Paris)]
Andrew Bobola, martyr [BLS]
Candidus, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Brixen]
Desiderius, bishop (of Langres), martyr [common]
Desiderius, bishop (of Vienne), martyr [BLS]
Julia, virgin, martyr [BLS]

May 24
Desiderius, bishop [PCP (Paris)]
Dominic, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Dominicans]
Donatian and Rogatian, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Utrecht, France; PCP (Paris)]
John de Prado, martyr [BLS]
Mary Magdalen Postel, virgin [BLS]
Mary, Our Lady Help of Christians [BLS: England]
Vincent (of Lerins), confessor [BLS]

May 25
Aldhelm, bishop (of Sherbourne) [BLS]
Bede (the Venerable), priest, confessor, Doctor of the Church [MR]
Donatian, martyr [PCP (Paris)]
Dumhade (of Ireland), abbot (of St. Columkille's) [BLS]
Francis, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Franciscans]
Gregory (VII), pope, confessor [common]
Madeleine Sophie Barat, virgin [BLS]
Maria Magdalena de' Pazzi, virgin [BLS; MR]
Mary James and Mary Salome [GTZ: Carmelites]
Maximus and Venerandus, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Evreux]
Urban, pope, martyr [common]

May 26
Augustine (of Canterbury), bishop, confessor, Apostle to England [BLS; GTZ: Bremen, England, France, Scandinavia; PRI: England; WTS (Bruges), as Translation]
Bede (the Venerable), priest, confessor, Father of the Church [GTZ: Cologne, England]
Eleutherius, pope, martyr [BLS; GTZ: one or more religious orders; PRI]
Lambert, bishop (of Vence) [GTZ: Embrun]
Leo, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Troyes]
Oduvald, abbot (of Melrose) [BLS]
Philippo Neri, priest [common]
Priscus, martyr [GTZ: Auxerre]
Quadratus, bishop (of Athens) [BLS]
Urbanus (I), pope, martyr [PCP (Paris)]

May 27
Augustine (of Canterbury), bishop [MR; PCP (Paris)]
Bede (the Venerable), priest, confessor, Father of the Church [BLS; HCC; PRI: England]
Eutropius, bishop (of Orange), confessor [GTZ: Orange]
Hildebert, bishop (of Meaux) [GTZ: Meaux]
John, pope, martyr [BLS; GTZ: one or more religious orders; PRI]
Julius, martyr [BLS]
Ragenulf, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Arras]
Seraphion, priest [WTS (Bruges)]

May 28
Bridget (of Sweden), widow (Translation) [GTZ: Scandinavia, Prague]
Caraunus, martyr (at Chartres) [BLS; GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Germanus, bishop (of Paris), confessor [BLS; GTZ: western Germany, France; PCP (Paris)]
John Shirt, martyr [BLS]
Helladius, martyr [GTZ: Russia]
Hubert, bishop [WTS (Bruges)]
Liborius, bishop (of LeMans), confessor (Advent) [GTZ: Paderborn]
Manveus, bishop (of Brieuc) [GTZ: Brittany]
Margaret Pole, countess (of Salisbury), martyr [BLS]
Rigomerus, bishop (of Meaux) [GTZ: Meaux]
Robert Johnson, martyr [BLS]
William, duke, confessor [GTZ: Brixen, southern France]

May 29
Clarus, bishop (of Lectoure) (Translation) [GTZ: Puy]
Conon and son, martyrs [BLS]
Cyril, martyr [BLS]
Eutropius, bishop [WTS (Bruges)]
Germanus, bishop (of Paris) [PCP (Paris)]
Maximinus, bishop (of Trier), confessor [BLS; GTZ; HCC]
Maximus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Breslau, France]
Richard Thirkeld, martyr [BLS]
Sisinnius, Martyrius and Alexander, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Trent]
Winebald, king (of Burgundy), confessor [GTZ: Langres]

May 30
Felix (I), pope, martyr [common; GTZ: Switzerland, one or more religious orders, southern France]
Ferdinand (III), king (of Castile and Leon), confessor [BLS]
Ferreolus and Ferrutius, martyrs (at Besançon) (Translation) [GTZ: Besançon]
Joan (of Arc), martyr [BLS]
John Nepomucen, martyr [BLS: England]
Maguil, recluse [BLS]
Maximinus, bishop (of Trier) [PCP (Paris)]
Peregrinus, bishop, confessor [WTS (Bruges)]
Stephen, king (of Hungary), confessor (Invention of his right hand) [GTZ: Hungary]
Thomas Cottam, martyr [BLS]
Walstan [BLS: Norwich]

May 31
The Visitation
Angela Merici, virgin [BLS]
Cantius, Cantianus, Cantianilla, (and Protus), martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Aquileia, northern Germany; PCP (Paris)]
Petronilla, virgin [common; WTS (Bruges), sometimes bishop, martyr); PCP (Paris), as Peronnelle]
Simplicianus, martyr [GTZ: Poitiers]

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