November 1
All Saints [common]
Austremonius, bishop (of Clermont) [BLS]
Benignus, priest, martyr (at Dijon), Apostle of Burgundy [BLS]
Cesarius, martyr [common; 6082, in red]
Fortunatus, bishop [BLS]
Genesius, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [GTZ: Lyon]
Harold VI, king (of Denmark), martyr [BLS]
Marcellus, bishop (of Paris) [BLS]
Mary, martyr [BLS]

November 2
All Souls [common]
Benignus, martyr (at Dijon) [GTZ: Augsburg, France (often moved to Nov 1)]
Eustace and companions, martyrs [GTZ: sometimes moved to Nov 3]
Justus, martyr [GTZ: Aquileia]
Margaret, of Lorraine, duchess (of Alençon) [BLS]
Martiana, virgin (at Albi) [GTZ: Carcassonne]
Marcianus [of Cyrrhus], hermit [BLS]
Naamatius, deacon (at Rodez) [GTZ: Rodez]
Valentine and Hilary [6082]
Victorinus and Florian, martyrs [BLS, without Florian; GTZ: Münster, southern France (without Florian)]
Vulgan, confessor [BLS]

November 3
Austremonius, bishop (of Clermont) [GTZ: Clermont]
Edith, virgin (at Winchester) (Translation) [GTZ: Winchester]
Englacius, abbot [GTZ: Scotland]
Firmus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Lausanne]
Florus, bishop (of Lodève) [BLS]
Gobrianus, bishop (of Vanne) [GTZ: Vannes]
Guenaelus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Brittany, Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Hubert, bishop (of Liège), confessor [GTZ: Cologne, Trier, Mainz, Cambrai, Reims; HCC]
Innumerable Martyrs [WTS (Bruges)]
Malachi, bishop (of Armagh) [BLS]
Marcellus, bishop (of Paris), confessor [GTZ: northern France; PCP (Paris), in red]
Marianus, martyr [GTZ: Verdun]
Martin de Porres, monk [MR]
Papulus, priest, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Toulouse]
Pirminius, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Mainz, Trier]
Rumwold, confessor [BLS]
Vigor, bishop (of Bayeux) [GTZ: Bayeux, Senlis]
Vincent, bishop, martyr (sometimes only confessor) (Invention) [GTZ: Breslau]
Winifred, virgin, martyr [BLS; GTZ: England; PRI: England]

November 4
Agricola and Vitalis, martyrs [GTZ: Aquileia only; PRI]
Amantius, bishop (of Rodez), confessor [GTZ: Metz, Liège, southern France]
Baomir, abbot [GTZ: Senlis]
Birstan, bishop (of Winchester), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Winchester]
Charles Borromeo, bishop (of Milan) [common]
Clarus, priest (sometimes bishop), martyr [BLS; GTZ: Genf, Rouen; PCP (Paris), as Clerc]
Eustace, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Florus, bishop (of Lodève), confessor [GTZ: southern France, Cluniacs]
Joannicius (the Great), abbot, confessor [BLS]
Lusor, confessor [GTZ: Bourges]
Modesta, virgin (at Trier) [GTZ: Trier; HCC]
Proculus, bishop (of Autun), martyr [GTZ: Autun]
Valentine, martyr [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Vitalis and Agricola, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Aquileia]

November 5
Bertilia, virgin, abbess (of Chelles) [BLS]
Clarus, priest (sometimes bishop), martyr [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Emericus, duke [GTZ: Hungary]
Felix, priest, and Eusebius, martyrs [GTZ: Worms; HCC, without Eusebius]
Fibicius, bishop (of Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Gonsald, hermit [GTZ: Limoges]
Guirandus, bishop (of Béziers), confessor [GTZ: Béziers]
Letus, priest, confessor [GTZ: Paris, Sens; PCP (Paris)]
Malachi, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Cistercians]
Martiana, virgin (at Albi) [GTZ: Albi]
Winnoc, abbot [WTS (Bruges)]

November 6
Gregory, bishop (of Tours) (Translation) [GTZ: Tours]
Gregory, bishop (of Langres) (Translation) [GTZ: Langres]
Herculanus, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Magdeburg, Ratzeburg]
Illtyd, abbot, confessor [BLS; GTZ: St. Pol de Léon]
Leonard, abbot, confessor (sometimes bishop, martyr) [common]
Leonard (of Yandeuvre), hermit [BLS]
Lupentius, confessor [GTZ: Tours]
Melanius, bishop (of Rennes), confessor [GTZ: Metz, Tours]
Nazarius and Celsus, martyrs (Advent) [GTZ: Autun]
Prejectus, bishop, martyr (Exceptio corporis) [GTZ: Verdun]
Protasius, bishop (of Lausanne), confessor [GTZ: Lausanne]
Stephen, bishop (of Apt), confessor [GTZ: Apt]
Winnoc, abbot, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Cambrai]

November 7
Almar, bishop (of Senlis) [GTZ: Senlis]
Amandinus, bishop (of Auvergne), confessor [GTZ: Clermont]
Amaranthus, martyr [GTZ: Albi, Narbonne]
Baldus, bishop (of Tours) [GTZ: Tours]
Florentius, bishop (of Strassburg) [GTZ]
Herculanus, bishop, martyr [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
John Gabriel Perboyre, martyr [BLS]
Prosdocimus, bishop (of Padua), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Trent]
Restitutus, bishop (of Trois-Châteaux), confessor [GTZ: southern France]
Romanus, priest, confessor [GTZ: LeMans]
Werenfrid, priest [BLS]
Willibrord, bishop (of Utrecht), confessor [common; HCC, in red; PRI: England]

November 8
Four Crowned martyrs [common]
Gervadius, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]
Godfrey, bishop (of Amiens) [BLS]
Louis, bishop (of Toulouse), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Franciscans]
Marcellus (Octave) [PCP (Paris)]
Moroc, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]
Four Crowned Martyrs [GTZ; PCP (Paris); WTS (Bruges); 6082, in red]
Suliavus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: St. Malo]
Weomad, bishop (of Trier) [GTZ: Trier]
Willehad, bishop (of Bremen), confessor [common]

November 9
Benignus, bishop [BLS]
John, apostle; Dedication of St. John Lateran [common]
Maturinus, priest, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Ragenulf, martyr [GTZ: Arras]
Theodore (Tyro), martyr [common]
Ursinus, bishop (of Bourges), confessor [GTZ: Rouen (Revelation), Bourges (Translation)]
Vito, bishop (of Verdun) [BLS; GTZ: Verdun]
Willehad, bishop (of Bremen), confessor [GTZ: Schwerin]

November 10
Andrew Avellino, confessor [BLS]
George, bishop (of Velay), confessor [GTZ: Puy]
Justus, bishop (of Rochester, Canterbury) [BLS; PRI: England]
Leo (the Great), pope, Doctor of the Church [MR]
Ludmilla, martyr (Translation) [GTZ: Prague, Gnesen]
Martin, pope, martyr [common]
Maurus, bishop (of Verdun), confessor: [GTZ Metz, Verdun]
Milles, bishop, Ambrosimus, priest, Sina, deacon, martyrs [BLS]
Spatius, martyr (at Bayeux) [GTZ: Bayeux]
Tiberius, Modestus and Florentia, martyrs (at Agde) [GTZ: southern France; PCP (Paris), as Tiburce]
Tryphon, Respicius and Nympha, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: one or more religious orders, Châlons-sur-Marne]
Veranus [PCP (Paris)]

November 11
Bertuin, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Liège]
Martin, bishop (of Tours), confessor [common; PCP (Paris), as Marin]
Menas, martyr [common]
Menas (of Libya), martyr [BLS]
Veranus, bishop (of Cavaillon), confessor [GTZ: Lyon]

November 12
Arsacius, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Salzburg, Eichstädt]
Cunibert, bishop (of Cologne), confessor [GTZ]
Five Brothers (John and companions, Benedict and companions), martyrs [GTZ: Gnesen, Prague, Agram]
Himerius, recluse, confessor [GTZ: Switzerland, France, Besançon]
John pius, bishop (of Arles) [GTZ: Arles]
Josaphat, bishop, martyr [MR]
Lebuinus, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Utrecht; HCC, in red]
Leodegar, bishop (of Saintes) [GTZ: Saintes]
Leonius, confessor [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris), as Leon or Liène]
Livinus, bishop, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Magdeburg, Kammin, Lebus, Mainz, Ratzeburg, Cambrai, Scotland]
Macarius, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]
Martin, pope, martyr [BLS; GTZ: southern France, one or more religious orders; PRI]
Maxentia, widow (mother of Vigilius) (Translation) [GTZ: Trent]
Medana, virgin [GTZ: Scotland]
Nilus, hermit [BLS]
Renatus, bishop (of Angers) [GTZ: Metz, Angers]
Rufus, bishop (of Avignon), confessor [GTZ: Avignon]
Thyrgillus, martyr [GTZ: Norway]
Thorkill, bishop [GTZ: Norway]
Veranus, bishop (of Cavaillon), confessor [GTZ: Bourges]

November 13
Amandus, bishop (of Rennes) [GTZ: Rennes]
Brictius, bishop, confessor (sometimes martyr) [common; GTZ: France]
Constant, priest, hermit [BLS]
Dalmatius, bishop (of Rodez) [GTZ: Rodez]
Didacus, confessor [BLS]
Divinicus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]
Gendulf, bishop (of Paris), confessor [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
John Chrysostom [6082]
Homobonus, confessor [BLS]
Killian, priest [BLS: Ireland]
Maxellendis, virgin, martyr [GTZ: Cambrai]
Mitrius, martyr (at Aix) [BLS; GTZ: Aix]
Paternus, martyr (at Sens) [GTZ: Sens]
Quintian, bishop (of Auvergne) [GTZ: Clermont]
Stanislas Kostka, confessor [BLS]
Veranus, bishop (of Cavaillon), confessor [GTZ: Aix, Arles, Paris]

November 14
Bernard, abbot, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Cistercians]
Clementine, martyr [GTZ: Trier]
Dubricius, bishop (S. Wales) [BLS]
Erkenwold, bishop (of London), confessor (Translation) [BLS; GTZ: Salisbury]
Fridolinus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Paderborn]
Hugh Faringdon, abbot (of Reading) [BLS]
John Elemosynarius, confessor [GTZ: Gnesen]
Josaphat, bishop [BLS]
Lawrence, bishop (of Dublin), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Paris, Rouen]
Maclovius [PCP (Paris)]
Modanus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]
Paul, the first hermit, confessor (sometimes Paulinus) (Translation) [GTZ: Paulines]
Philip, apostle [GTZ: Russia]
Rufus, bishop (of Avignon), confessor [GTZ: southern France]
Thomas Percy, earl (of Northumberland), martyr [BLS]
Vindanus, confessor [GTZ: Chur]

November 15
Albertus Magnus, bishop, Doctor of the Church [MR]
Ceronna, virgin [GTZ: Séez]
Cessator, bishop (of Limoges) [GTZ: Limoges]
Desiderius, bishop (of Cahors) [GTZ: Cahors]
Eugenius, bishop (of Toledo), martyr (sometimes confessor) [BLS; GTZ: Liège, Paris, Soissons; PCP (Paris)]
Faustus [PCP (Paris)]
Gertrude, abbess (of Rodalsdorf) [BLS]
Lawrence, martyr (Advent) [GTZ: Merseburg]
Leopold, marquis [of Austria], confessor [BLS; GTZ]
Maclovius, bishop (of St. Malo), confessor [BLS; GTZ: England, Scotland, France; PCP (Paris), as Malo]
Martin, monk, confessor [GTZ: Trier]
Paduinus, abbot [GTZ: LeMans]
Richard Whiting, abbot (of Glastonbury) [BLS]
Secundinus, martyr [GTZ: Speyer]
Vindanus, confessor [GTZ: Strassburg]

November 16
Anianus [PCP (Paris)]
Edmund, bishop (of Canturbury), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Cistercians, England; PRI: England]
Emilianus, abbot [GTZ: Bordeaux]
Eucherius, bishop (of Lyon), confessor [BLS; GTZ: southern France]
Galla, virgin [GTZ: Valence]
Gertrude, virgin [MR]
Gumbert, bishop [WTS (Bruges)]
Leonianus, abbot [GTZ: Arras]
Margaret, queen (of Scotland) [MR; GTZ: Scotland]
Othmar, abbot (sometimes bishop) (at St. Gall), confessor [common]
Tiburtius, confessor [WTS (Bruges)]

November 17
Acisclus and Victoria, martyrs (at Cordova) [GTZ: southern France]
Anianus, bishop (of Orléans), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Liège, Switzerland, France, England, Scotland, one or more religious orders; PCP (Paris)]
Arnulph, bishop (of Toul), confessor [GTZ: Toul]
Augustine and Felicity, martyrs [GTZ: Sens]
Dionysius (the Great) [BLS]
Elizabeth (of Hungary), nun [MR]
Florinus, confessor [GTZ: Chur, Trier, Salzburg]
Gregory, bishop (of Tours) [BLS; GTZ: France]
Gregory Thaumaturgus, bishop [BLS; PRI; 6082, in red]
Hilda, abbess (at Whitby) [BLS: England]
Hugo, bishop (of Lincoln), confessor [BLS; GTZ: England, Scotland, Carthusians; PRI: England]
Maudetus [PCP (Paris)]
Othmar, confessor [WTS (Bruges)]

November 18
Alphaeus and Zachaeus, martyrs [BLS]
Aude, virgin [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Fergusian, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Scotland]
Hilda, abbess (at Whitby) [BLS: northern England]
Martin (Octave) [common]
Maudetus, abbot, confessor [GTZ: Brittany]
Odo, abbot (at Cluny) [BLS]
Peter and Paul, apostles; Dedication of St. Peter's and St. Paul's, Rome [common]
Romanus and Barula, martyrs [GTZ: southern France, Metz; PCP (Paris), without Barula]
Rumpharius, bishop (of Coutances) [GTZ: Coutances]
Severus, bishop (of Trier), confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Trier]
Stephen, protomartyr (Translation) [GTZ: Bourges, Sens]
Theofrid, martyr (at Limoges) [GTZ: southern France]

November 19
Balaam, martyr [BLS]
Elizabeth, widow, nun [common]
Edmund, bishop (of Canterbury) [PCP (Paris)]
Gelasius, pope, confessor (sometimes martyr) [GTZ: Paderborn, Liège, Trier, southern France]
Hoarzonus, bishop (of Léon), confessor [GTZ: St. Pol de Léon]
James, hermit [GTZ: Bourges]
Maximus, priest, martyr [GTZ: Genf]
Odo, abbot (at Cluny), confessor [GTZ: Cluniacs]
Patroclus, priest, confessor [GTZ: Clermont]
Pontianus, pope, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Franciscans, Albi; PRI]
Severinus, Exupery and Felicianus, martyrs [GTZ: Vienne]
Simplicius, bishop (of Verona), confessor [GTZ: Metz]
Quintian, bishop (of Auvergne) [GTZ: Rodez]

November 20
Apothemius, bishop (of Angers) [GTZ: Angers]
Bernward, bishop (of Hildesheim), (deposition alse he starff) [BLS; GTZ]
Columban, abbot, confessor [GTZ: more commonly on Nov 21; PCP (Paris)]
Corbinianus, bishop, confessor (Translation) [GTZ: Freising]
Edmund, king, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Scandinavia, England, Rouen, Paris; PRI: England]
Felix (of Valois), confessor [BLS]
Hippolytus, bishop (of Belley) [GTZ: Besançon]
Humbert, bishop (of E. Anglia), martyr [BLS]
Maxentia (of Ireland), virgin, martyr [BLS; GTZ: Reims]
Pontianus, pope, martyr [GTZ: Aix, Narbonne]
Quarletus and Luxorius, confessors [GTZ: Amiens]
Regenfledis, abbess, virgin [GTZ: Cologne]
Silvester, bishop (of Chalon-sur-Saône) [GTZ: Chalon-sur-Saône]

November 21
Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Columban, abbot, confessor [common]
Gelasius, pope [BLS]
Justus [PCP (Paris)]
Maurice, abbot [HCC]
Maurus, martyr [GTZ: Aquileia, Tournai]
Oda, virgin [GTZ: Senlis]
Pragmatius, bishop (of Autun), confessor [GTZ: Autun]
Rufus, bishop (of Avignon), confessor [GTZ: Carcassonne]

November 22
Cecilia, virgin, martyr [common; 6082, in red]
Philemon and Appia, martyrs [BLS]
Theodore the Studite, abbot [BLS]

November 23
Amphilochius, bishop (of Iconium) [BLS]
Clement (I), pope, martyr [common; PCP (Paris), WTS (Bruges), 6082, in red]
Clement, bishop (of Metz), confessor [GTZ: Metz]
Columban, abbot, confessor [common]
Daniel, bishop (of Bangor) [BLS]
Felicity, martyr [GTZ; PCP (Paris)]
Sarius, priest (at Cambrai) [GTZ: Cambrai]
Trudo, priest, confessor [BLS; GTZ: Liège, Cambrai]

November 24
Crisogonus, martyr [common]
Eleutherius, martyr [GTZ: Kammin, Magdeburg]
Flora and Mary, virgins, martyrs [BLS]
John (of the Cross), confessor [BLS]
Kenan, bishop (of Duleek), confessor [BLS]
Portianus, abbot [GTZ: Clermont]
Romanus, priest, confessor [GTZ: Bordeaux]
Severinus, monk [GTZ: Paris; PCP (Paris)]
Thebaides, martyr (Commemoration) [GTZ: Cologne]

November 25
Audentius, confessor [GTZ: Magdeburg]
Catherine, virgin, martyr [common; HCC, PCP (Paris), WTS (Bruges), in red]
Erasmus, hermit, martyr [BLS]
Livarius, bishop (of Metz), martyr [GTZ: Metz]
Mercurius, martyr [6082, in red]
Peter, bishop (of Alex.), martyr [GTZ: France, one or more religious orders]

November 26
Amator, bishop (of Autun) [GTZ: Auxerre]
Basolus, priest, confessor [GTZ: Reims]
Conrad, bishop (of Constance), confessor [common]
Dalphina (wife of Elzearus) [GTZ: Apt]
Genovieve, virgin (Miracle of the "Mal des ardents") [GTZ: Paris; (PCP (Paris)]
Justus, martyr [GTZ: Limoges]
Leonard (of Port Maurice) [BLS]
Linus, pope, martyr [common]
Marcellus [PCP (Paris)]
Mercurius, martyr [GTZ: Mainz]
Nicon (Metanoite) [BLS]
Peter (of Alexandria), bishop, martyr [BLS; PRI; 6082, in red]
Sabaudus, bishop (of Trier), confessor [GTZ: Trier]
Sylvester Gozzolini, abbot (of Ozimo) [BLS]
Siricius, pope, confessor [GTZ: Augsburg]

November 27
Acharius, bishop (of Noyon) [GTZ: Noyon]
Agricola and Vitalis, martyrs [GTZ; PCP (Paris)]
Bilhildis, abbess [GTZ: Mainz]
Cungar, abbot [BLS]
Eusicius, priest, confessor [GTZ: Bourges]
James Intercisus, martyr [BLS]
Maharsapor, martyr [BLS]
Martin, pope, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
Maximus, bishop (of Reji), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Lausanne, France]
Mercurius, martyr [GTZ: Würzburg]
Oda, virgin [GTZ: Liège]
Optatus, bishop [GTZ: Trier]
Secundin, bishop (in Ireland) [BLS]
Sifredus, bishop (of Carpentras), confessor [GTZ: southern France]
Virgilius, bishop (of Salzburg), confessor [BLS; GTZ: Salzburg]
Vitalis (and Agricola), martyrs [common]

November 28
Caesarius, martyr [WTS (Bruges)]
James (of Lamarca/of Ancona) [BLS]
Landelinus, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Paderborn]
Rufus, martyr [GTZ: northern France; PCP (Paris)]
Silas, apostle [GTZ: Metz, Sitten, southern France]
Stephen the Younger, martyr [BLS]
Vigilius, bishop (of Auxerre) (Translation) [GTZ: Auxerre]

November 29
Andrew (Vigil) [common]
Cuthbert Mayne, martyr [BLS]
Radbod, bishop, confessor [GTZ: Utrecht]
Saturninus (Chrysanthus, Maurus and Daria), martyrs (sometimes only confessors) [common]
Saturninus and Sisinnius, martyrs [BLS; GTZ: Scotland, England; 6082]
Saturninus, bishop (of Toulouse), martyr [GTZ: France; PCP (Paris), as Sernin]

November 30
Andrew, apostle [common]
Narses, bishop, and companions, martyrs [BLS]
Sapor, Isaac, Mahanes, Abraham, and Simeon, martyrs [BLS]
Trojanus, bishop (of Saintes) [GTZ: Saintes]
Tugdual, bishop (of Tréguier) [GTZ: Tréguier, St. Pol de Léon]

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