hath xxx days

e 1
f 2 Sts. Marcellinus, Peter, and Erasmus, martyrs
g 3
A 4
b 5 (St. Boniface, bishop and martyr)
c 6
d 7 (St. Robert, abbot of Chichester)
e 8 (St. William, bishop of York)
f 9 Sts. Primus and Felicianus, martyrs
g 10 (St. Margaret, queen of Scotland)
A 11 St. Barnabus, apostle
b 12 Sts. Basilides, Quirinus, Nabor, and Nazarius, martyrs
c 13
d 14 St. Basil, bishop and confessor
e 15 Sts. Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia, martyrs; (St. Eadburga, virgin and martyr)
f 16
g 17
A 18 Sts. Marcus and Marcellianus, martyrs
b 19 Sts. Gervasius and Protasius, martyrs
c 20 St. Silverius, pope and martyr
d 21
e 22 St. Paulinus, bishop and confessor; (St. Alban, the first martyr of England)
f 23 (St. Etheldreda, queen of England)
g 24 Nativity of St. John the Baptist
A 25 Vigil of Sts. John and Paul
b 26 Sts. John and Paul, martyrs
c 27
d 28 St. Leo, pope and confessor
e 29 Sts. Peter and Paul, apostles
f 30 Commemoration of St. Paul

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